Los Laureles Canyon: Research in Action Premieres Fall 2009

>> Saturday, October 10, 2009

In collaboration with Keith Pezzoli, at UCSD's Urban Studies and Planning program and others, Shannon is producing on a documentary about watershed planning and sustainable development in Los Laureles, a canyon that starts high in Tijuana, crosses the U.S.-Mexican border and ends at the Tijuana River Estuary in Imperial Beach, California. Some 65,000 people live in Los Laureles, and because of inadequate infrastructure, much of their waste flows unrestricted down the canyon into the estuary, threatening the wildlife that depend on its pristine wetlands for survival.

The UCSD-TV crew in Los Laureles Canyon. From left to right: Willie Wiliams,
Harry Caruso, Rachel Bradley, Laura Castañeda, Matt Alioto, Shannon Bradley

Notice Laura Castañeda in the group? We're delighted to have her back with us on this project after her compelling and courageous documentary, The Devil's Breath: Border Crossers caught in San Diego's Wildfires (2008)